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Flight cancellations happen in all airports in the world, however a flight cancellation with notice of less than 14 days can become compensation.

"By right according to the European Regulation EC 261/2004, you can get compensation from the airline of up to 600 euros for a canceled flight."

When am I entitled to receive compensation for a canceled flight?

As a first point, you must know if your case has the right to be claimed, according to European legislation, we share some points to know if you are a candidate:



  • The airline will notify you of the cancellation, with less than 14 days in advance.



  • You took the flight within the European Union (regardless of the nationality of the airline) or you left the European Union bound for another continent.

  • It has been on average less than 3 years since the cancellation of your flight.



  • The causes of the flight cancellation were the responsibility of the airline, for example: plane problems, technical difficulties, etc.

Airlines according to Regulation EC261 must offer you the following additional options in the event of a flight cancellation:


  • Full or partial refund of your flight,

  • The fastest option to reach your destination,

  • A new ticket to your destination flight.

How much is the amount I can receive?

If after reading the previous points, you think you are entitled to compensation, you should know that the amount you will receive depends on several factors but mainly on the distance of the flight:

-1500 Km

250 Euros

1500 to 3500 km

400 Euros


600 Euros

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