Know your rights

The amount you can claim depends on the flight distance, delayed time, cancellation notice and cause of the affectation.

per passenger.

If you suffer any damage to your flight, either on the flight itself or on your luggage, your rights change depending on the applicable Regulation.


In Mexico, since 2017, the Civil Aviation Law in Mexico was reformed, granting new rights to plane passengers. However, these are not always met by airlines, largely because of legal loopholes within regulation.


If you think you suffered a lack of transparency, information or the fair application of your rights, contact or click here and we will be happy to help you.


Among your rights are:

Receive clear information about the effects of the flight and their reason.

Know the total price of the ticket from the beginning, with taxes included.

Carry a 25 kg + 2 carry-on suitcase and receive compensation for damages and losses.

Cancel the purchase of a ticket at no cost up to 24 hours after payment.

Receive transport guarantee in case of disability without additional charges.

Receive discount coupons between 5% and 7.5% for delays less than 4 hours.

Get up to 600€

Art. 47 Bis (Mexican Civil Aviation Law)

Right to receive financial compensation

When the cause of the damage is considered attributable to the airline , that is:

Technical problem of the plane , strike of the airline staff , accident of the boarding ladder and others.

Remember to demand that the airline provide you with information about the cause of the damage, it is your right !

Length of Delay

Canceled Flight

Overbooking (sobreventa)

Reflights check your rights at no cost and manage your claims with the right to receive financial compensation.

Claiming will take less than 3 min!

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