Impacts on Baggage

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We know how important your luggage is when traveling, it contains personal and valuable objects; from what we assume, it will be well cared for by the airlines, unfortunately this is not always the case.


If you had problems with your luggage such as delay, abuse or loss, you may be entitled to receive compensation depending on the applicable regulation.

How to prepare my claim of rights?

As a first point, you should know that your baggage compensation rights vary depending on the Applicable Regulation, we share some tips that apply in general:

Baggage delay

If your bags do not appear at the airport, follow these 3 steps:


  • Keep your boarding pass and baggage check.


  • Let the authorities know as soon as possible that your luggage is missing.


  • Make a delay report.

Loss of Luggage

If after 21 days your bags do not appear, follow these 3 steps:


  • Keep your report reference number.


  • Keep the tickets of the purchases that you had to make during the trip, so that they return that extra expense together with the compensation of your luggage.


  • Make a list of your belongings in the luggage and the approximate value (if you keep their tickets for your belongings, it will be even easier to receive compensation).

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