Flights affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19):

What about your rights as a passenger?

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, airlines around the world have had to make modifications to their flight itineraries and boarding rules. Mass flight cancellations and changes have been increased as a measure to prevent the virus from spreading and increasing cases.

These cancellations because they are extraordinary cases are not attributable to compensation, however, as an air passenger you still have rights. Keep reading to learn more ...


It should be noted that despite the fact that the corresponding authorities establish certain rules and regulations for the airlines, each one has certain modifications in its regulations; however, this does not exempt them from respecting the basic rights of passengers and avoiding abuse.

What do I do if my flight was canceled by Coronavirus?


Because it is an extraordinary situation, we repeat that it is not the obligation of the airlines to provide you with compensation. However, it is true that the money you invested in the flight should not be considered lost, they should give you a refund or at least give you back a part of what you invested in your flights in bonds or coupons.


If your airline denies you this right, write to us at or make your request by clicking here . At Reflights we can help you to solve your affectation.

They changed my flight overnight


We have received cases of people who complain about unexpected flight changes, they must understand that many times due to the number of flight demands it is difficult for the airline to be able to please all its passengers on the change dates. What is true is that they should give you the option to cancel your flight or at least receive a coupon to use in the future if this new date does not benefit you.


If you have problems with the airline because they do not give you a solution to your case, Reflights can help you, complete our form here explaining your case, we will contact you as soon as possible.





What if I no longer want to do that flight I bought?


Another common case is that due to the current economic situation that many airlines seem to refuse to access a refund, we must understand that the situation is currently strongly affecting the airline sector.


However, if you really do not want to fly with that airline, it is important that you review their flight policies to be able to justify your claim. You can even go to the competent authorities, in the case of Mexico, for example, file a formal complaint with Profeco.

We know that legal actions always seem like headaches (and they are) therefore, at Reflights we support you with our legal experts to present the claim to the competent authority, complete our form to give you more information about it.

How do I protect myself from the coronavirus during a flight?


It is recommended that you avoid flying if it is not really necessary, but in that case it is important that you take all the necessary measures while maintaining good hygiene. Some airlines are providing antibacterial gel to their passengers and accommodating them so that they have adequate distance during the flight.

Remember to wash your hands properly, if you can use a mask and gloves; also cover your mouth when coughing (remember that it is also taking care of the other).


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