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How much it costs to use reflights?

Nothing! You do not have to pay anything in advance. In reflights we only charge when we manage to win a compensation.​ Only in the cases where the airline pays coupons or travel vouchers we'll provide an invoice so you can pay our fee. If the airline pays you directly, remember that you must let us know and pay our fee immediately according to our terms and conditions, on the contrary we will ask for a 25% + VAT fee. * A compensation is considered money or the total amount of a coupon or travel voucher.

When do the Claim Process Time begins?

When you receive the email "Claim in Process"; you will receive this email after having your authorization and have validated our information. If time passes and we still don't have a resolution we will send you an email with the new fee reduction. When the airline notify us about the payment in process then time will conclude. *VAT = 6% Total Compensation

How do I get my compensation?

When the airline authorizes your compensation we wil ask you for your basic bank information to do the transfer. As soon as we receive the full compensation amount we will let you know and transfer the total amount less our fee. You will also receive an email with all the transfer information.


What is reflights?

Reflights is a technology startup made up of traveling entrepreneurs who love the design of better solutions to what we are used to, which is why we seek to take the flight incident claiming process to a new more effective and simpler level than ever.

What reflights do?

We use our knowledge in technology, project management and legal to fight for passengers compensation for delays of + 3h, cancellations with less than 14 days notice and no involuntary boarding in flights around the world.

How can I claim my rights?

To request the service you must enter www.reflights.com and complete the form and documents which will take 3 to 5 minutes in full, immediately receive a response and in case you might be entitled to a compensation a specialist will send you an email.

Why do I need to sign an authorization form?

This document must be signed by the main passenger(s), ie the person or persons making the trip. It serves exclusively to claim on your behalf, it's not valid for other flights, other claims or other procedures.

What information does the airline request for the claim?

Data of the affected flight, passenger or affected passengers information and ID and the authorization to manage the claim.

The airline reimbursed me for the additional expenses and accommodation, do I still have the right to compensation?

Yes, even if the airline covered those expenses, it is obliged to pay you the compensation under the Regulation 261/04 if the requirements established in the regulation are met. Know them here.

Where can I see the status of my claim?

Our systems are designed to notify you by email about your status. Also a reflights specialist will keep you updated on the process as soon as a change occurs. If you have not received an email from us it is because we are still working on your claim and no changes have occurred. You can contact your specialist at any time and he will respond as soon as possible.

What is the risk?

None. We fight for extra money; if we can't succeed in your claim as the airlines have the right to defend and can legally have arguments that exempt it from the payment we won't ask you for a penny. Regarding the information that is shared, all data is stored on servers protected in compliance with the GDPR regulation. Regarding your bank information we cannot make any charge, bank data received is only the minimum necessary to make the transfer of your compensation.

How much time do I have to claim an affected flight? Does it have to be the same day of my incident?

You have an average of 3 years to claim in most cases. The time is subject to the nationality of the airline.

How long does the process take since I applied for my claim?

Some claims are handled quickly by the airline, others are not. We handle the claim as soon as we receive it but it is the airline's decision to respect the passengers rights in the right time and without escalating the claim, it also depends on how optimized are their internal processes, the demand or other factors, therefore the time it takes the claim varies in role of the airline in question and external factors. We have cases that have taken days and others that have taken months, the average resolution and payment time is 3 months.

How do I check the status of the claim?

You can contact the claims expert directly or send a general email to info@reflights.com and in the shortest possible time we will give you an answer.

What happens when the airline does not respond?

In those cases we will continue to insist. The airline has a time period limit to respond before we can take the claim with the legal authorities. Some airlines will try to respond to the passenger directly, in that case we ask you to send us any email you have received and leave us the reply process otherwise the resolution can take longer. We'll let you know if the airline has responded or not.

How much money can I receive from compensation?

The compensation starts from € 250 up to € 600, depending on the time of delay and the distance of the affected flight. The airline may have a right to receive a discount of 50% depending on the arrival time to your destination.

How long does it take reflights to respond to my request?

The free flight check is immediate after you submit the form. For any information you request personally we are subject to the burden of claims we receive and that sometimes makes us take a long time to respond, but be sure that we will always respond.

You'll need less than 3 min!


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